Remembering Mexican Actress María Félix Who Would Have Been 104 Years Old Did you notice that stunning cinema actress María Félix was celebrated 2 days ago with her portrait on Google first pages world wide. 8 April would have been the actress’s 104th birthday. At the age of 87 she died in 2002. Mexican based Artist Paulette Jo created the depiction of the actress featured on Sunday’s Google Doodle. It shows Félix posing in a black jacket and gold jewelry, with the words “Google” etched around her. The depiction of the actress also give her beauty mark with raised right eyebrow — an attribute for which she was well known, according to her IMDB page. She starred in more than fourty seven films and defied stereotypical roles for ladies in film movies. Félix became a movie film star within the early 1950s and made films in Mexico, France, Spain and Argentina. 1st noticeable role came after she moved to Mexico Metropolis and starred in 1942’s El Peñón de las Ánimas. Her career fly high since then as she landed roles that emphasized her durability and flexibility. She never learn English. In Hollywood, she in no way accepted a position as “stereotyped parts as a Latin spitfire. The Google Doodle depicting the actress was available at 8th April 2018 for users in Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, USA, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Argentina, and some other countries. As usual, Google uses its search bar to honor legends, holiday events and movements. Just lately, the Google Doodle featured a depiction of the famed poet and memoirist Dr. Maya Angelou on 4th April — which might were her 67th birthday. Google included the voices of Oprah, Laverne Cox, Alicia Keys and different distinguished figures to honor Angelou in that celebration