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Software Name: Hafidz Quran v.1.0 – JUZ AMMA
Features of Hafidz Quran v.1.0 – JUZ AMMA: Hafidz-Quran Juz AmmA v.1.0 is a software media learning the Quran in a timely, efficient, practical, and attractive, the method is easy to read, learn, understand and memorize the Koran.

If you have a laptop or computer, then you already have a sufficient condition to be able to read and memorize the Koran on their own! in a very easy, from beginner to advanced! Insha Allah

free software Hafidz Quran Hafidz Quran v.1.0 – JUZ AMMA

Keep reading … a phenomenal breakthrough in memorizing the Quran and its translation in the easiest way!

Muhammad the Messenger of Allah said :
“From Anas. He said bahawa Messenger of Allah said, “Surely God has a family of man.” And Anas said, then the Messenger of Allah said: “Who was that Messenger of Allah. King replied: “the expert Quran (those who read or memorize the Quran and the practice of its contents).

They are God’s family and those special to God. Hopefully with this understanding, we can all be more encouraged to memorize the Qur’an every day, as best we can.

Download Hafidz Quran v.1.0 from link below :

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