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Watch the Tribeca Film Festival Teaser for ‘This Is Climate Change’ Docuseries

Actor/Climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio has agreed to executive produce a new History Channel documentary called ‘Frontiersman.’ The documentary will follow the story of Daniel Boone,… This Is Local Weather Trade is a brand new, four-phase digital reality docuseries with a purpose to take audiences inside of impacted ingredients of the sector through an immersive, […]

Why Google honours Omar Sharif today

Hailed through many as “The Noble”, Omar Sharif would have been at the age of 86 years on this Tuesday, April 10. Described as “The Noble”, today Omar Sharif would have been 86-years-old. Born in 1932 to Syrian-Lebanese mum and dad in Alexandria, Egypt, Sharif’s start identify used to be Michel Demitri Shalhoub. Google is changing its […]